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      by Published on 04-04-2014 12:26 PM
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      Itís that time of year again! Our closest friends and loyal players already know that Early Registration for SOE Live is the best way secure your spot in our annual fan-focused event. Get this on your calendar! This yearís event will be at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, August 14th-17th.

      For the uninitiated, SOE Live is a fan event like no other! Join us in Vegas for a chance to connect with your friends and fellow gamers, get your hands on the latest content, hang with Developers, compete in tournaments, win prizes and so much more! Seriously. Think GIANT PARTY!

      Now, if youíre an SOE Live veteran like me, then you know youíll need to jump in and secure your spot. We expect this year to SELL OUT! Plus, if you register early, you can get your badge mailed to you and skip the line! Donít miss your spot in the front row to see what we have in store for you this year. Itís going to be epic.
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      Tonight at 11pm PST TeamSpeak will be coming down. There will be a loss of service during this time. We are hopping to have the TS server up and running within a few hours.

      Upon logging in to the new server you will have to get your permissions re applied. Officers will be checking their lists for members and other officers.

      This also means that most channels will be gone and some will be created with new rights.

      Your bookmark will need to be updated with the new address.

      We will update with the new address when we are ready for use.

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      The TRG Organization has been created in Star Citizen! Make sure you apply to join the outfit here if you are a pledger:

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    • TRGgaming The Best Gaming Community Out There

      [TRG] The Republican Guard


      The Heavy Assault, The Shock Trooper, the front line medic.†Causing hell is what we do.

      One of the oldest premier Terran outfits founded within Planetside on release day of May 2003, TRG is a highly structured "Shock and awe" outfit known for rapid response teams, organized heavy infantry assaults, and incredibly devoted support players. Since our creation in 2003, we have developed into a full fledged gaming community consisting of over 150 members featuring:


      1.) Organized Operations Including: Gal drops, Max Crashes, Gen holds and other "Heavy Assault/Shock Trooper" themed tactics.†
      2.) An active community built on the foundation of dedicated and loyal players including both "Killwhores" and "Supportwhores".†
      3.) A very low turnover rate. We have a saying here at TRG: "Once a TRG, always a TRG". Our members are extremely loyal to the community.
      4.) A professionally designed web site, a hosted ventrilo server, and other hosted game servers.
      5.) TRG was a major participant of Planetside 1's Outfitwars; 2nd place†TR†and 3rd overall on the†Markov†Server.
      6.) Our outfit has successfully produced dozens of†Command Rank†5s still active within the Planetside community today.




      Interested in joining? See below:

      Here at TRG we recruit two key qualities: the ability to learn and propensity to listen; because we firmly believe that even the newest player possessing these two assets has the potential to become one of the best. New or old, if you share these qualities you'll find a good home here with TRG.

      We are Active and Recruiting in preparation for Planetside 2.


      ) Age 18+ required. Ventrilo required. You need to be able to listen to instructions. Forums use and registration also required.
      ) We take on all players of all skill levels and provide training.
      ) Drama queens, under-age, needy or demanding individuals, lone wolfs, and poor attitudes NEED NOT APPLY. You will be quickly weeded out.


      To join: sign up then fill out an application.

    • TRGgaming The Best Gaming Community Out There

    • TRGgaming The Best Gaming Community Out There

    • TRGgaming The Best Gaming Community Out There

    • TRGgaming The Best Gaming Community Out There

    • TRGgaming The Best Gaming Community Out There